Dolo is making sure he makes a name for himself. He’s getting plenty of attention out in North Carolina and Kentucky. Those are some states that don’t really have a huge hip hop following. But with the internet coming into play. States like those can now get their shine on. Rapper Dolo is staying true to his roots. He’s developing his own sound and working on different flows. The music runs through his body! There is no stopping him and he’s very determined to show the world he has what it takes. His record “8 Ball” appeared on a few DJ Mixtapes and made noise online and IG. But now it’s time for Dolo to step up to the plate. He’s bringing his sound and brand over to the blog market.

Dolo has that aggressive Meek Mill delivery and flow. Making sure you feel what he raps. Some may say it’s screaming but it’s emotions running wild. In his trailer for “8 Ball” you can see Dolo is in the studio working. Non stop taking no breaks and making sure he’s elevating. With different IG platforms behind him. He’s looking elevate to another level. He just needs proper management and a way to stay consistent. If so he can really create a name for himself. Dolo is his name and he’s making sure he puts his city on his back. He’s developing and is aware of that. He still has work to put in. But in due time, I’m sure we will all see. Dolo has what it takes to make noise. Check out his trailer below.