Carolina is blooming more now than ever and even at the top of the year, artists aren’t letting up. Don Honcho is the prime example of a hardworking artist. He set the streets ablaze with his impressive visuals like “Pop Out” and “Mud Baby.” Moreover, the 20-year-old has kept fan engagement high with new music snippets.

Huncho is currently based in Columbia, SC, capital of the state and home to several rising talents. As an artist, Don Hucho points out “pass situations, current situations, and where I come from it’s rare that somebody makes it out” is his inspiration. Moreover, Huncho recently released a video for his new single, “Backend,” which as the title hints, is about money.

“Moral of the story, you ain’t gotta be the hottest focus on your situation,” Huncho recites. Check out his latest single, “Backend,” below.