Meet donSmith, one of Harlem’s most prominent Emcee’s. We briefly interviewed him about his recent single, “Bob N Weave”. Read all about it below!

Q and A By :hipngoo

Q: Liked the track a lot!

A: I’m glad you enjoyed the track! Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Q: You consider the types of promotion to do for this? A dance challenge for the ladies would push this and it fits well.
 A: There are actually a few videos that have been circulating Instagram of people doing a dance that I did in the studio the first day I recorded the song. I had posted it, and somehow it managed to become the most viewed video I had ever posted on my Instagram. Kind of bizarre how that happens, but eventually my team decided to exploit this and make it sort of a #bobnweave challenge thing.
Q: What mental space were you in when creating this?
 A: I had the beat loaded up into protool and I had the engineer loop it up so I could freestyle. Naturally, because this beat is so groovy and bouncy, I was jumping all over the room; I couldn’t sit still. I had been spending a lot of time that month watching old “get light” videos from highschool and I guess it inspired me to make this sort of a dance song type of thing. I just wanted to recreate the feeling of a house party back when I was a teenager.
Q: Did the beat come first or the lyrics? 
 A: The beat came first, most of the lyrics weren’t really written down anywhere. It was a feeling.
Q: What about this beat spoke to you?
 A: Since I was a kid, I’ve been really into California rappers and all the interesting sounds that come from the Westside, like the Hyphy movement. I also grew up dancing and this particular beat go me out my seat fairly quickly upon first hearing it. That bass is everything!
Q: Have you considered doing a remix and if you could book anyone for it who would you get? Famous or not 
A: It would be wavy to get some Swizz Beats or Diddy adlibs, those always got the room hype. I also think a Bob N’ Weave remix with Blueface would be lit for so many reasons, his energy is unmatched right now.
Q: Will the project you release have this vibe all the way through or will you interrupt it with more melodic or lyrical songs?
 A: “D-Minus” is a mixture of things, it’s lyrical and vibey at the same time. There is still a story or theme being upheld through the project, but I think what important is the project is easy on the ears in the way “Bob N’ Weave” is for the most part. I try not to stray off too far into any lyrical den, because I want the listener to enjoy the sounds more than anything.

Aside from listening and enjoying the track I was given the oppurtunity to attend Don’s Listening event  at hogsheadharlem . The event was a VIBE to say the least , with talent and creatives from all over the area coming together to celebrate Don’s success! From the exclusive Beer on Tap to the dope Tunes by Tofu Jack this listening event was one for the books!
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Also be sure to check out  Don next week at The Paper Box