Seemingly having nothing better to do while sitting up in our White House, scrolling through Twitter like a social media fiend.  Checking his #DonaldTrumpIsGreat hashtag, but comes up short every time, Donald Trump has tweeted once more, and once more it has nothing to do with making the country great again.

When the President of the mighty United States is tweeting about rapper Snoop Dogg, entertaining Snoops parody where he pointed a fake gun towards a clown (President) Trump who seems to be only exciting the racists of our country, in his new video “Lavendar” where he discusses police brutality and racism in a remix for BADBADNOTGOOD’s song with Kaytranada, of course he (Trump) would have something to say back.  Tough skin, the President of the USA does not have.  Putting Twitter before official government work, SMH.

Especially because we don’t have anything more important going on in the world, or the country for that matter that deserves more attention than a baby joke that I’m sure millions of citizens have created some form of since election day.  He has all the time to tweet to the world his thoughts on Snoop Dogg.  Yeah.

So we actually thank you Trump, for if what you say is true and Snoops career did fail – which it hasn’t if you ask me, you will only help to put his name in the mouths of those who probably didn’t even know who Snoop was with your tweet; and they will research and take a listen to the track,  maybe even like it.  So, for that, we can maybe thank you.

Not condoning Snoop’s depiction at all, as we don’t promote shooting deaths onto anyone, but given the fact that only politicians have been the one’s to come to Trump’s side on the matter, it goes to show how many people feel as though this man (Trump) is a ruin more than anything that he has shown us so far.

And if you didn’t catch Snoop’s video “Lavender”, check it out below.

What are your thoughts?