What better way to spend Memorial Day weekend then with music, drinks, and hype crowds? The family of TGP invited The Rapfest out to New York, over on flushing avenue to attend the Dope BBQ.

The weather was a big turn off at the beginning of the event. People where even trying to sway folk to leave. However, the shindig continued and boy they were wrong! It took me about 30 minutes to find parking; which was a bummer especially in new yolk traffic. My aggravation subsided quickly as the lady at the ticket booth was extremely pleasant and the first DJ set really set the vibe when you walk into the facility.

Now if you are a Hennite (Henny lover), the slushy lines were totally worth the wait. I order 2 rounds throughout the night and it was cooling experience. From the main stage to the crowd floor; bodies wobble, twerked, swayed, and sweat!
This soft served drink hit the spot and kept the energy and liquids flowing.

The crowd begin to erupt as the DJ warmed up the crowd for Trey Songs. Now this wasn’t an ordinary performance. Trey had all the ladies and I mean all the ladies singing word for word his songs. Then the crowd took the dancing to the next level.

Much after all the baby making music, people were asked to go to the secondary stage located on an exterior patio. Turns out TGP had another special guest in the build, Phresher. The Ya Ya/Energy King delivered a sensational performance to close out the night.

Over all Dope BBQ was simple but had growing energy which represented the name. The Rapfest would like to thank the people at TGP for the opportunity for a wild night ( I’ll leave the after party up to the imaginations).