Brandon Scoop B Robinson recently had  Cardi B’s dentist, Dr. Catrise Austin on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. The Two discussed Instagram & Twitter trollers making fun of Cardi B’s teeth. They all explained how each had followed their passions Dr. Catrice Austin in dentistry and Robinson as a  journalist.  

Dr. Austin actually knew that she wanted to pursue a career in dentistry at the age of 15 making her purpose in college easy because she did not have to switch degrees half way in. Dr. Austin who is a University of Michigan alumni shared with Robinson that she attended college during the era of the Fab Five and Desmond Howard when he won the Heisman Trophy and striking the iconic pose.

The celebrity dentist has a sizable client that included the late Isaac Hayes, who is someone that helped her get her foot in the door in the entertainment space as far as clients.  She went on to added other celebrities such as Tony Braxton,  Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and Mona Scott-Young.  In fact, Mona was the bridge that helped Dr. Austin make the connection to Cardi B.  Young is the creator of Love & Hip Hop through her company Monami Entertainment, and Cardi was apart of the New York series of the show. At first, Cardi was not interested in changing her trademark look but decided to get her teeth fixed. Of course, this was an opportunity for Dr. Austin because of who it was and to show what she could to bring in more clients to help. The full interview can be heard here.