The rap battle film Bodied was premiered this past weekend at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and it seems like the critics are raving over this new project. But, fans will be in more of a treat when they get their hands on the soundtrack to the film. It was reported by the Hollywood Reporter that the film will have some brand new songs on there from Eminem who helped produced the film and it will also have some tracks on there from Em’s mentor and close friend Dr. Dre.

When the film was presented this past weekend it didn’t feature any of the new music. It will most likely be presented in the film when it’s ready for mass distribution. Although there’s no clear indication on whether the two have songs together on the soundtrack or separate, it was reported earlier this summer that Em and Dre were working on some new tunes with one another. The Detroit legend is also slated to drop his 9th studio project before the year is over.

Let’s hope all of this is true and look for Bodied to be making its way to theaters soon.