Even though the 6 God stated in his record “Do Not Disturb” off his recently released More Life project that he will be disappearing until 2018, it doesn’t really seem that way. Last night, Drake posted a photo on his Instagram of him sitting in a studio with a caption that read “Visiting 40 today.”

Now, this isn’t a clear indication that he has any new music coming but sometimes we can read in between the lines. After all, he can literally just be visiting his close friend and producer to small talk about life and what’s to come for next year. Or, they can actually be working on something amazingly great to help start off this upcoming summer. Drake is always so full of surprises. The Toronto-born sensation will also have his hand in Young Thug’s forthcoming project which is set to drop soon. Maybe they were talking about that? No one will ever know.

As for Drake, he continues to show and prove and shatter records left and right. His More Life playlist did so many numbers on the streaming side that he might as well just own Spotify at this point. Birdman, the head honcho of Cash Money stated that Drake also owns nine of the top 20 biggest Cash Money records ever during his interview with Billboard. Cash Money has a lot of hit records in their archives so to own half of that is a major accomplishment.

Check out Drake’s IG post below.