Drake decided to show Lil Wayne some major love with a tattoo in his honor.

The new ink took over the internet yesterday, though, he published the honorary photo on July 24th. The internet has been on both sides too. Some say Drake has never really been known for getting great tattoos. Some say, Drake is loyal to do such a thing. What do you all think? Had Drizzy not linked up with Lil Wayne- would he really be Drake today?

It seems that Lil Wayne inspires Drake and really why shouldn’t he? He is as successful in Hip Hop as it gets. He hasn’t said much about the tatt taking over the web though. He only posted the photo with an emoji- but to get a tattoo especially of someone’s face- says a lot. Maybe one day, OVO’s own will elaborate. However, for now, all we the Hip Hop people can do is speculate as to what specifically compelled Drake to get the tattoo. It definitely makes sense that Drake, of all people, would honor Lil Wayne in such a way though. It’s five-time Grammy winner- Lil Wayne. Also, according to TMZ, the tatt is old, but Lil Wayne was surprised by the gesture. Lil Wayne also agrees with it.

Whose face would you get tatted on you?