From the ambassador to the Raptors championship campaign, releasing a two song EP, a collaboration with Chris Brown and Rick Ross, while also becoming the meme of the summer, it’s easy to say Drake has had an impressionable summer. Now, as if all that attention wasn’t enough, last Friday(August 2nd), Drake released a compilation album featuring his most memorable singles over the years titled “Care Package”.

The 17-track album includes tracks such as Days In The East, 4pm in Calabasas, Trust Issues, Club Paradise, Draft Day, Girls Love Beyonce and some other favorites. The album cover features a tribute to Drake’s Acura TSX that he has referenced so many times.

The project is available on streaming services and is a gem for all of the longtime Drizzy fans out there. There isn’t too many artists out there that would be able to drop a collection of songs they’ve already dropped before and receive a reaction as if it was new. When announced on IG, Drake captioned the artwork: “Some of our most important moments together available in one place.”