OVO Sound Radio released Drake‘s interview with British radio host DJ Semtex today.

Speaking about the first time he experienced racism in an interview last Monday following the Grammy’s, Drake also revealed his feelings towards any possible reconciliation with Meek Mill, words on Quentin Miller and more.

The little over an hour interview with DJ Semtex was going on for a while, when about twenty minutes in I keenly tuned in on his comments in regards to how his initial encounter with racism went down.  After being asked when he first experienced racism, Drake spoke on how grateful he was to be born in Canada, and that being accepted was never an issue where he was from.  Segregation is not a norm throughout his country, especially in Toronto; referring to Canada as a cultural mozaic.  Going on, he as a matter of factly stated his first actual experience with racism happened while being in America.

Drake talked about his blackness being challenged just because he wasn’t American; as if he couldn’t understand the black American struggle.  Sadly, he went on further in regards to the topic with this statement saying,

“If I ever feel like an outsider, it’s usually because I’m not American.”


He also pretty much said that he doesn’t care to be cool with Meek Mill in any near future.  And something about not wanting the awards he just won at the Grammy’s, saying he feels alienated, and a bit pacified by being in any one category.  Referring to his first real brush with celebrity scandal of a possible ghost writer (Quentin Miller) as ‘the first chink in his armour’ – ha.  But no sweat off his back as he writes a great majority of his hits, and ghost writer or not, each of his songs wouldn’t be what they are without his touch either way.

That and more, check out the interview.