Imagine what a Drake & Tory Lanez collaboration will sound like…

It’s times like this that make our culture an even more powerful driving force in music on a whole not just in America but, the world. After years of subs being thrown going back to 2014, the beef is officially over. The two Toronto stars took to Instagram to show that the beef was over by posting pictures with each other.


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Toronto… I Told You @Midjordan 📸

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To be honest, this beef seemed unnecessary. The history between Drake and Tory Lanez goes back to 2010 when Drake was the hottest dude out of Toronto as he was just signed to YMCMB. Tory was still on his grind trying to make it and bet $10,000 that Drake would like his music and Drake didn’t accept his challenge. Tory stayed working and by 2015, he already amassed a collection of notable mixtapes and had worked with some of the biggest artists in the game like Bun B and Meek Mill. In that same year, he became a star with his hit record ‘Say It’ and to make a long story short, last year, he felt that he was big enough to proclaim that he was a worthy opponent to come for the #1 spot in Toronto and he clearly was because Drake responded to Tory and vice versa through numerous subs with Tory even saying that he was better than Drake at one point. Honestly, it seemed like this beef really started because Tory made it known that he wanted to be the best.


He should want that, right? At the end of the day, this is good for hip hop. This is good for music. Both will benefit off of this because both fan bases were shunning the rivaling artists’ music. This is the unity that we need more of in hip hop. Salute to Drake and Tory Lanez.

However, considering how much Tory collaborated specifically with Meek (which was a lot going back before ‘Say It’), I wonder how Meek feels…

Paul Robinson