Druski2funny is an underdog. His content will have you watching him over and over. He’s hilarious and his impressions on IG are rising. It’s about the comments on IG and engagements. Don’t get caught up in the numbers. It’s one wicked game for presentation. Read between the lines basically when it comes to numbers. Druski2funny isn’t boosting anything and everything is organic. It’s pure uncut and raw talent right in front of our eyes.

Now, I don’t want to go about comparing him to anyone. But you have to give respect to the ones that’s paved the lane for guys like Druski2funny. DC Young Fly is from and Atlanta and he used his IG platform to take his career to the next level. Druski2funny is staying consistent with creating his own content. He’s particular with his edits, and goes the extra mile with his acting skills. Druski2funny does not hold back and his audience is growing.

With the support of his audience. Druski2funny comments, likes, and views are starting to grow. He caters to his Atlanta, GA audience with the skits he creates. Hopefully Nick Cannon runs across this guy soon. He’s an underground gem right now. He’s always just that one skit away from going viral. Druski2funny just needs to keep up the hard work. The right person will run across his page soon to discover him. Right now Druski2funny just took part in the #DJTakeoffChallenge which is going viral on IG. And with summer coming to an end. Druski decided to take on a news anchor for the local channel Fox 5 news. This guy is hilarious and relentless. Only time will tell how far Druski will go. Nothing is going to slow him down. Hopefully we will see him in movies and artist videos soon. This guy is next up out of Atlanta on the comedian tip.