In the spirit of knowing your worth à la Joe Budden’s refusal to continue working for Complex, the creative minds behind HennyPalooza, the dark liquor-driven day party which has turned into one of the biggest cross-country fests in America, have officially partnered up with D’USSÉ, effectively doing away with the HennyPalooza name and ushering in the new era of D’USSÉ Palooza.

And so after months of speculation over when the greatest party ever would finally return after it’s 5-year anniversary at NYC’s Terminal 5 in early December, the team is back with a new name, a new drink, and a major backing.

While the decision to move the ‘Palooza’ on from ‘Henny’ wasn’t an easy one, after 50 shows in five years and no signs of support from the Hennessy brand itself, the time had come to level up into a space where their contributions would be actually appreciated. HennyPalooza had been arguably one of the biggest things to happen for Hennessy; it’s unfortunate that the heads over there probably just saw it as a “strange music fest“.

And so in comes D’USSÉ, Jay-Z’s fast-rising cognac brand under Bacardi, deciding to seize a golden marketing opportunity and showing that they are indeed for the culture. According to HP founder (or better yet Godfather) Kam, Hov and Lenny S. had actually reached out to the team two years ago through Taxstone (#FreeTax), who has publicly championed the drink himself for years. But it just wasn’t the right time up until now.

September 30th, 2015 was the date. Lenny S called @lowkeyuhtn and myself to come to his office. He wanted to shoot us as a part his #GoldStandard photo series. He introduced us as "the Henny sippers" followed by "we gone change that." Fast forward to February of 2016, and the good brother @taxstone called me and said that D'usse wanted to meet with us. He said those were words straight from Hov himself. After 10 minutes of telling Tax he was a liar, he connected me to @baxelrod and the D'usse family. I'm a firm believer in timing and it wasn't quite the right time yet. We went on to body an international tour for the next two years as #HennyPalooza. Then this past summer, 4:44 was released and my favorite rapper kept encouraging to start your own, support your own, and invest in your own. As a believer in timing, I couldn't ignore the signs that were in front of me. There was a golden opportunity right in front of us. Around this time, people kept asking what's next for #HennyPalooza. It was time for us to elevate the brand, and there was one clear way to do it....alignment. People were/are shocked every time I tell them that the other brand would have nothing to do with us. Who could possibly understand where we were coming from? We're a self-made group of friends in business that were just looking for an opportunity, sound familiar?! Not only is the opportunity here, but we now have the PERFECT partner in D'usse/Hov/Roc Nation. When I said Terminal 5 was the last #HennyPalooza, I meant it. I'm proud to announce that we've officially partnered with @dussecognac to bring you all #DussePalooza!! Same crew. Same energy. New Rules.

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Hennessy dropping the ball on HennyPalooza just goes to show that no matter how many commercials of Nas riding the subway they can muster up, they were still never for the culture. Achieving the Hov bag is a true testament to the work put in by KamRoryKazLowChrisRavie BPeejeDewayneAustinKarl, and everybody else who has been a part of creating this unforgettable experience that is only getting bigger and better. While D’USSÉ Palooza may be a name to get used to, the party in itself has shown zero signs of slowing down; and with Jay-Z’s executive brilliance backing it up, it’s no telling what limits they can exceed.

The first stop on this year’s D’USSÉ Palooza tour will go down over NBA All-Star Weekend on February 17th at the Globe Theatre in L.A. Get your tickets here and don’t miss out!