At the young age of 17, Eli Zied already has the mentality and determination of a thriving entrepreneur. The Habits 365 founder is a rising senior in NYC who kicked off his career by launching a clothing business at the tender age of 15.

It was the summer of 2017, after completing a 5-week pre-college summer program and gaining knowledge about business and marketing, Eli was determined to launch his own company. The inspiration behind his mission was to create a clothing brand which blended the style and attitude of urban products he enjoyed rocking daily with a lifestyle purpose to encourage individuals to utilize good practices and “habits” for their objectives. We all have habits but unfortunately they aren’t all positive. Because of this, Eli wanted to utilize his merchandise to inspire people including his fans to promote positive habits all year round – 365 days a year – and remind people to practice healthy and positive habits in order to achieve their full potential of being the best version of themselves.

“While selling sneakers for years, I became interested in “Hypebeast” merchandise such as Supreme and Bape. I decided to create a brand that everyone could relate to, and that made me think of habits. Everybody has habits, but not all of them are necessarily “positive.” We love that Habits 365 reinforces positivity and good habits year round, not only from the clothing but from the community. We want everyone to become their best self by creating and focusing on positive habits. And #WearYourHabits seems to resonate with people and is our most popular slogan.” – Eli Zied, Founder and CEO of Habits 365

Eli continues:

“We” want everybody to be wearing “Habits” clothing because people may not be aware, everyday life, is built around habits. Ultimately we want to inspire people to become their best selves and build the best habits they can.”

With this, Eli brought his masterplan to life, launching a brand that everyone can relate to. With the combination of money saved up from selling sneakers and his ambition, Habits 365 was born. After sharing the ideas with his older brother, Spencer Zied, the 20 year-old University of Miami sophomore became the COO and CMO of the clothing brand. Eli and Spencer came together to execute the movement and jumpstart the brand.

Top column- Dwyane & Zaire Wade (Basketball), Jay Critch (Artist) Middle column- A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Artist), Ponce De Leioun (Artist) Bottom Column- Eli Zied (CEO of Habits 365), Hannah Paul (Designer for Women’s Line), Spencer Zied (Co- Founder of Habits 365)

Fast forward a couple of years later and the two siblings are seeing their hard work paying off. The rising fashion staple has a following on Instagram of over 73,000 proving its impact on the urban culture and hip hop. Thirty influencers with trending names in entertainment by the likes of pro-baller Dwayne Wade and his son, Zaire to hip-hop’s favorite “Swervin” emcee, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Jay Critch have been spotted out rocking the latest threads showcasing their participation in the movement. Habits 365 is on its way to taking over the entertainment industry with its inspiring and motivational fashion pieces.

A number of influencers have taken to their Instagram feed or IG story to post about Habits 365. The clothing brand has also been featured on the SportsCenter Snapchat.

The continuous reinforcement of positivity with proactive health and lifestyle habits aligns the purpose of the brand with the hopes and aspirations of its customers. However, the brand message extends beyond influencers and products. Habits 365 regularly produces Instagram posts that describe the favorable habits of its influencers, athletes and members of the Habits 365 community.

“I think of Habits as not just clothes, but as a movement. People can choose their own lifestyle behaviors, and the habits you form while doing so will drive the quality and potential of those choices. The Habits 365 team strives to enhance and encourage positive habits for those who choose to drive themselves toward achieving what they’re capable of.” ~Spencer Zied, Co-Founder, COO, and CMO of Habits 365.

Habits 365 has an expansive line of products including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and shorts. In addition to its collection, the brand recently extended its clothing line to include women’s apparel with the inclusion of cropped hoodies and leggings for the ladies to practice positive habits in a stylish and comfortable way. In the summer of 2018, a designer collection with products ranging from shorts to long sleeve shirts and a limited edition Varsity Jacket were added as well.

Eli Zied is living proof that opportunity is available even at a young age with the right ideas and the work ethic to match to make things happen for one’s self. His company is providing a healthy yet positive way of life through fashion and we couldn’t be more happy!

Check out the website for Habits 365 and shop their hottest pieces today! Be sure to follow Habits 365 on instagram @habits_365.