Orange County, New York-based recording artist Elijah Bank$y has been gaining quite the momentum since releasing his debut body of work, COLDEST DAY IN FEBRUARY SHINES THE AMETHYST ROCK. Influenced by iconic Hip-Hop artists like Jay Z and Bigge Smalls, Elijah is embodies an “old soul” but manages to make music that still appeals to the younger generation.

With a raw talent and a lyrical prowess that demands your attention, Elijah is shaping up to be one of a kind. We recently received Elijah’s Breeze-directed “Coldest Out” music video, which served as the lead single off the 8-track project. Encapsulating the various moods that the seasons have to offer, listeners will notice that though a majority of the music on the EP has a cold feeling, it does get warmer towards the end.

After performing alongside long-time friend Bishop Nehru at NYC venue The Mercury Lounge, Elijah Bank$y returns to bring his Free Otis and Tomás Tomás-produced anthem, “Wavcapkilla” to the small screen. Directed by Local Peeple, Elijah roams the streets of New York with his crew, letting us know he’s not here for the gossip or gimmicks – just the music.

Watch the official music video for “Wavcapkilla” below.