The secret to this game is simple.  Upon the discovery of your particular genius, a skill, a knack, one must ask one’s self, “Where am I going with this?”  “Is this something that can be made fruitful?”  “Can this something alter emotions in any way – a positive way?”  And finally, one last question to ask, “Do I believe I can do it?” And with those questions, begets all the answers you need to make an intelligent decision and go for it.  No matter one’s particular upbringing, whether wealthy or lacking, the direction is ultimately up to you to either move forward or crawl back into your cocoon; sitting, watching time go by, and those around you making their dreams a reality.

We’ve all heard those culturally true, inspirational stories, the one’s of the likes of a Biggie, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Pac, etc; from hood’s to compounds, from the streets to heading board meetings, from zero dollars to billion dollars, those who took their circumstance and turned it into Platinum albums; where fans and followers cling to their every word, coming from all over, reciting lyric after lyric, embedded into cerebellums like bible verses.   And just like that, from unknown to known, the shift in direction is not to be taken for granted or slept on.

As the cycle of fresh new talent continues to emerge by the day, there is one thing that remains constant, you are as good as your last performance.  But perseverance and a loyal team is really all you need to get you the right buzz and over the hump, from no lights to spotlight.


Ask Paterson, New Jersey native, emerging talent, rapper Scoot.

“My mom worked at Jive when I was a baby.  My birth was actually in Billboards, so I guess music has always been a part of my life.”

Born Justin Charles, the 21 year old first started building his following in his hometown, making songs with his friends that his entire school would begin to back him.  Writing his first song at the tender age of 6 years old, and later taking on the trumpet, it was as if pre-determined that he would pursue a life of music of his own.

Believing in oneself already being the golden key to doing greater things, and the law of attraction taking form in his brewing career, Scoot came to terms with his possibilities.  Although, already preparing himself mentally for stardom as an adolescent, coming up with stage names at ages 12 and 13, from J-Money to J-Green, it was his childhood nickname that his mom would refer to him as Scoot, that would stick.

In high school, going to parties was no simple weekend ritual for Scoot and his friends, for it was those outings that his music would get their first spins.  After remixing the remixed version of Gotye’s “Somebody I Use To Know”, Scoot’s name began to resonate in his town.  And with folks adapting and learning his sound, the realization that “this might be something” would lead to opportunities of being selected on Twitter’s @FreestyleRaps, gaining Scoot thousands of likes and retweets, to a now growing following of fans and new listeners.  That question of, “Where am I going with this,” / “Is this something that can be made fruitful,” sets in.

Having influences like Kanye West, Eminem, Nas, Fetty Wap, Chief Keef, Biggie, and Jay Z, Scoot credits his mother with giving him the top ingredients’ that would later help hone his sound and budding path.

“My mom always taught me that a smart man learns from his mistakes; a smarter man learns from other people’s mistakes.  So I tried to pay attention the best I could.”

Currently working on establishing himself as a strong independent artist, Scoot stands firm on being very comfortable in his stance about how he does things, having no problem with doing what’s best for him and his crew.  Being a pretty smart kid while in grade school, to then growing up and learning more about himself, seeing different parts of the world, discovering his role as it pertains to the business of making music; not to mention, having a supportive team to help shape him and his sound, Scoot realizes that it’s due to his experiences that he even has something to talk about over tracks.

“I’ve always tried to search for more knowledge and just to know more, because obviously with knowledge comes power, the more you know the better you can be as a person.  And I just try to be the best person I could be.  I think I apply how much I’ve seen of the world into my music, and I think you hear it because it’s so fun, so joyful.” 

With songs “My Whoadie” and “Tuneman” off his recently released tape SC007, and “How You Like Me Now”, much like his energy, Scoot describes his style as fun, and pure vibes.   Aiming to keep spirits high, he can’t imagine one going in, starting with track 1 in somber moods and remaining the same way by the outro.

“Do I believe I can do it?”  – Still rolling with his same set of friends, all you need is a few loyal folks on your side to get by.  You know, that set of ride or die’s who love you no matter what; one’s who keep it real and tell you like it is.  Those be the same one’s that will rock with you before and after the deal – if it’s real.  Almost emotional upon being asked about his crew, Scoot explains,They are everything to me.  I wouldn’t be the person I am without them, at all.  I’ve been through so much in my life, and one thing that has stayed consistent, are the people around me.”  Playing major roles in his career, he shared, You take different parts of all of them and mix them, you get me.”  

Coming to terms with his particular position, while it’s important to be real, it’s important to also dream and work towards making it more than just that.  Asking yourself all those general questions; working hard, and getting yourself in the place of which you want to be.

Scoot has all he needs, the equipment, the dream, the team, and the tenacity to make it happen.  Presented to the world via Billboard 21 years ago, it’s no coincidence the way his life would transpire, and the music being what fuels his fire.

With time should come progress.  Even your favorite rapper had a favorite rapper before becoming everybody’s fave.

With that, the evolution of Scoot is here to make headway.  Check out his SC007 below.  #YouShouldListen

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What would you say is the most important thing as an artist, to do while utilizing one’s platform?

For me, I want my people and all people to get better as a society.  I think one, it’s important for those with a platform to be educated on any issue.  And it’s also important for them to share that education objectively with their fans and the people that are listening to them so that those people can then want to do more research, and then base their own opinions.

We live in a society where someone says something, or a celebrity will say something and that’s what the people will believe.  If celebs would encourage their fans to not just take things at their word, but do their own research, it would be a lot better just for people to understand each other.