Dallas/Fort Worth Texas has a new superstar on the rise. Texas, the state period has resurfaced over the past couple of years. Travis Scott showed Texas can develop a new sound. That new sound came from the youth. Before you had Paul Wall, Lil Flip, and Slim Thug for mainstream Texas rap. That era ended and now you have artist like Maxo Kream, Sauce Walka, Tay K, and more on the rise. One thing for sure, its been a underground movement bubbling. G.U.N. sorta gave this sound some light. It’s sorta like a rage genre of music. Mixing rock. trap, and horror together. With artist like xxxtentacion, Lil Tracy, and killazami making noise. It’s only time we introduce Emotional Xan.

Emotional Xan has been on his grind for a while. The world and online is just now catching up. Now It’s Emotional Xan turn to take over. The buzz is there and it’s all generic. Took time but it was worth it. The vision Xan has for his visuals and music is next level. He looks like he plays electric guitar but he’s dropping trap raps. His latest visual “Pressure” premiered on No Jumper and he’s close to 100k in views. Wonder how many labels are hitting Emotional Xan up right now. Texas media outlets even picked up on Emotional Xan music sorta late. It’s all coming together beautifully for Xan. In the video he’s with the gang and they pull out assault rifles. Skull heads, Tatts, and Ski mask are all in the visual. The quality of the video shows real Emotional Xan fans it’s level up time. Watch the complete video below and support Emotional Xan.