Friday, February 16th – Hanami celebrated lifestyles off the court at the Palm in Los Angeles by introducing the world of automotive opportunities to the world during the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Athletes dream big in order to fit the bill and take care of their families, not to mention, reward themselves with grand purchases justly. And while, having a car can be considered a fun toy, it can also double as a worthy income-generating investment.

David Middleton, Hanami founder & CEO created Hanami with the intention to educate diverse consumers on how to access this fortune through the automotive world. He worked six years as an automotive engineer in Germany with brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, and Aston Martin.  And, during his career, he came to realize the very few people of color within the world of Automotive and Motorsports.

Hanami is a lifestyle brand that focuses on attracting diverse crowds at the world of Automotive and Motorsports through social media, direct marketing, and high profile events to demonstrate the buying power of this diverse base. They provide clean content, encourages networking, community and education around luxury cars. The education of the automotive world includes networking opportunities that can build your business, how to sensibly purchase luxury cars, the art of being a car collector, the networking benefits of owning luxury cars and more. Sharing this understanding with affluent diverse audiences such as people of color, women, and children will open a new system, increase affluence by buying effectively, and nurture career opportunities to those with an interest in luxury cars.

Hanami aims to bridge the gap and highlight the minority pioneers that are currently involved in the industry to see the possibilities available to them and be motivated by their success. In addition, Hanami will be able to connect new talent to companies like Porsche, BMW, McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini to pursue career opportunities.

David Middleton, a native of Brooklyn, New York, had a passion for cars, and Motorsports from the age of 9 years old. After seeing a Porsche commercial with the statement: ‘ the beauty of life creates cars,’ he was determined to work in the Germany automotive industry. An MIT and Cornell University graduate, he still did not meet the requirement to acquire his dream profession. David’s intuition kicked in when he moved to Germany with next to nothing.  Working several jobs, he was mostly concerned with where the next meal would come while trying to learn a new language.  Later, he returned to school, attending the top engineering school in Germany. David would soon achieve his goal while working as a global automotive supplier, and an automotive engineer.

The Rapfest had the opportunity to speak with the Hanami’s CEO at their company Luncheon during Allstar Weekend, whose intention is to promote diversity and inclusion in the Automotive and Motorsports world. Here is what he had to say:

“One thing about high luxury car brands, these are the things that interest you during your time when are a professional athlete, entertainer, or an engineer. These are some of the things you will dive into in your free time. This is the break during All-Star Weekend and wanted to highlight the off the court lifestyle. That is why we decided this would be an excellent time to showcase our brand plus there is alot diversity surrounding All-Star Weekend.

We are not only focused on bringing people into this brand, but we are also focused on the youth because not everyone is going to be a professional athlete. We want the youth to know that there are other avenues available to be successful in this world.”

Also, adding:

One goal of Hanami is to bridge that gap so students are well prepared for the next step. It is important to expose and prepare our youth, both boys and girls, as early as possible for science, technology, engineering, and math, (STEM) careers. Additionally, to educate them on what tools they will need to even be considered to achieve their dreams, like preparation for interviews and portfolios are required for entering the workforce in this field,”

And in the same breath, Dr. Rita Ramirez continued the conversation on the different educational programs and their benefits for the youth, “Not every student is prepared to go to college, but Hanami would promote gaining a wonderful, professional skill that students would want upon graduating from high school with the possibility of going into science, technology, or even engineering. This is a program that is very positive for women and minorities.”

Pushing the culture forward, always the motive. We are here for this initiative.

Hanami services include events, tours, speaking engagements, consulting, after-school programs, and youth experience.

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