As we gear up for the summers hottest music festival coming up in just a few days, the stage to host many of Hip Hop’s favorite artists and acts, the Rapfest sat down with Hot 97’s DJ Enuff & Megan Ryte the other day to talk Summer Jam 2017.

Leaving us even more eager for Sundays, June 11th Summer Jam event being held at MetLife Stadium, DJ Enuff and Megan Ryte were gracious enough to give us a few tidbits of whats about to go down, also revealing that they were “left a little out the loop,” in regards to what the lineup would look like ahead of time, and so they were just as thrilled to find out who would grace us this year as we were.

The #1 for Hip Hop, for years Hot 97 has always kept us prepared releasing all the latest and hottest music out, and this time is no different.  Enuff and Ryte gave us enough to have you covered and well hyped for the all-day fest.

Waiting to see acts like Migos, who have totally grown and transitioned into superstars with each member making their own name for themselves; and dope artists like Joey Bada$$ who has progressed from the festival stage last year to the main stage this year, both Enuff and Ryte seem just as excited for showtime as we are; not to mention, the 20 Years of B.I.G. special performance happening as well in addition to all the others, we can just imagine the crowd now going crazed.

Hip hop always moving around, from city to city, region to region, we can’t help but to notice the influx of NY performers who have once again added their element back into the pot.  This year, with the likes of Young M.A., A Boogie and Don Q, Lil Yachty, Dave East, PNB Rock, Casanova, and more hitting the Festival Stage while folks like the Grammy nominated duo Fat Joe & Remy, Chris Brown, Desiigner, Trey Songz, French Montana & Friends, Tory Lanez,  Konshens | Charly Black, Faith Evans presenting 20 Years of B.I.G. and the rest; the mixture of younger and more legendary acts sharing the space, giving way for all ages to enjoy, makes for a very entertaining and well thought out lineup.

Whether Festival or Stadium staged acts, you can easily say that all these performers for Sunday’s show will bring about a very immense sense of showmanship on all parts.  As far as the difference of acts and the different stages, Enuff shared, “Technically, the larger artist, the guys who have the bigger records or longer catalog of hits typically belong on the main stage.  These are the people who, for the most part, we think sell tickets.  But then there comes one or two groups of people who have humongous singles, and they might actually help us sell some tickets.  It’s not traditionally what you think it’s suppose to be.”  He continued, “We’ve had some incredible ticket sellers perform on the main stage and really didn’t do too well.  So Summer Jam is very tricky.”

And Megan added to that,  “It’s weird to say that some of these artists I’d rather see on the festival stage than the main stage and vice versa. Even like last year when I saw Travis Scott on the festival stage, the way he is with  the crowds versus the main stage, there is a little difference.  And you could see him wanting to get out there and do things. So, yeah some artists, even though they could be on the main stage, I would rather see them on the festival stage, as well as the other way around.”  We will just have to wait and see.


We also got to talking about some of the Summer Jam Do’s & Don’ts, and pointers for first timers like me (embarrassing I know lol), as the event is a pretty long days worth of comings and goings, but you’ll have to watch the video below to get all the deets.

Check it out.

Of course, go in your best, but keep it comfy.  Two pairs of socks, deodorant, sneakers, hair up, battery pack – I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Duly noted.

There is still some time left to gain in on the Summer Jam 2017 experience, you absolutely can’t miss it.  Hurry and cash that check, run over to and purchase your tickets quick, as there will be no tickets for sale at the stadium.  And get there early, as to not miss the Festival Village for the premier platform of emerging artists.