Written By Queen Lexyonce

Tomorrow, on August 23rd, an exciting and fresh project will be released and spread across the speakers of the masses.  Soca artist Nailah Blackmen will be releasing her debut EP, The Reel. The anticipated EP will be the 21-year old’s first project as an artist. What makes it better, this EP will touch many genres including Hip Hop, Pop and R&B. With her  versatile sweet voice, The Reel will show what she is bringing to this international table.

For those who don’t know, Nailah Blackman is a Trinidadian Soca Artist with a lot of musical talents in her bloodline. In fact, her grandfather  Garfield Blackman, aka Ras Shorty is the founder of the widely known gene in the Caribbean- that’s right you guessed it- Soca. It was only right for Nailiah Blackman to follow the foots steps and expand in this musical world.

Few weeks ago, this Watermelon gyal, as which she refers to herself, Nailah Blackman, exclusively for the Rapfest, sat down with Queen Lexyonce to discuss her upbringing during her childhood as well as her body of art, The Reel, and details about it. Throughout the interview, Nailah Blackman shows her personal side about her life, family and her passion for the love of music.
” … I’m a songbird since i’ve known myself,  I love music and I love performing .. I was always very shy… I was just all alone but as soon as I got on a stage or performing people be  like is that the same shy girl … I just light up “ – Nailah Blackman
Check out this exclusive interview with Nailah Blackman and don’t forget August 23rd to stream “ The Reel “ on all digital platforms.
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