Running to my appointment to meet with Lil Yachty affiliate, rapper K$upreme from the Sailing Team, I was greeted by an elevator full of crew members who just moments ago exited off their bus awaiting to meet me.  Funny enough, we would cross paths on the way up.  And nestled in the back of our mechanical transporter, I stole a peak of the days interviewee in the far right corner.  Lil Yachty’s right-hand man, K$upreme.

“My niggas stay with me/ money stay with me,” Ten Deep

After moving to Atlanta, GA in 2013 from Pasadena, California,  K$upreme would find himself in similar circles of his later confidant.  As his vision would have it, leading him to internet sightings of Yachty doing his thing, inspiring a call of action to reach out to the red-headed rapper where they then started making music together and as K$upreme put it, became bro’s.

“People are probably familiar with me through Yachty. People really started knowing me around the time when I had got locked up for some stuff and Yachty had put out a Free K$upreme Freestyle, this song when he was just starting to blow up.”

In such little time of knowing each other, the musical connection was instant, pushing Yachty to put together a team of musically inclined friends to form their crew that we have come to know as the Sailing Team.  A collective of producers and rappers where K$upreme was instantly apart of.

Dropping his first song in 2015, with no Soundcloud of his own, it was his bro Yachty who threw the song up on his cloud where it would slowly blow up, further inciting the Cali rapper to create his own.  And after seeing Yachty go crazy, as he said, “After that, I made my Soundcloud and we were still playing around. I really didn’t get serious about rapping until the end of last year.” Meaning, just this past 2016.



With more and more talk of the trap sound getting played out, a one K$upreme might agree as he too revealed his disdain for rapping over trap or hard beats – so to speak.  Explaining his preferred style in beat selection and beat-making to be, “I like melodies in my beats,  a lot of flutes and a lot of soft sounds. I like trap drums but just not all that hard sh–.”

And making over 80% of the beats on his Flex Muzik mixtape, actually just released yesterday, the rapper revealed that his desire to start getting into the production side of things came from Chief Keef.

“I’m going to keep it clean, Chief Keef-inspired me. When I heard him on “Back 2 The Dead 2″, he was making his own type of sound and the beats were his own sh–. The beats were weird as hell but they were still going crazy. I’m like damn that don’t sound like nobody, I want to do that sh– too, I don’t want to sound like nobody else’s beats or nothing.”

Sitting on his tape for a minute. K$upreme explained that he let about 5 to 6 months go by of the songs on his project play out.  And seeing as it all was coming together, with about 80% of it completed by the time of our conversation,  the opportune moment had finally come.

“It’s time to drop a project.”

And indeed it is.  As his first debut body of work entitled Flex Muzik is getting ready to be released tomorrow, it will feature guest appearances by none other than his Sailing Team compadre, of course Lil Yachty, and other folks like Rich The Kid, Chief Keef and newcomer Duwap Kaine.

With hopes of more to come, K$upreme has informed us of some real good merch coming out right after his tape. He even went as far as to explain his merch as, “None of that funny fake put together merchandise sh– either, some real clothes that people are going to like.”

Plus a song with Playboi Carti to follow. We should also expect him on Yachty’s tour once his album drops, and then his own tour might possibly be in the works too as he is getting hit up left and right. 

Always shouting out his crew, K$upreme with The Sailing Team, “Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang,” he has more to do.

Stay tuned for Flex Muzik as we are sure to keep you covered.