Cowboys Fans, get worried.

Ezekiel Elliott is now a part of an investigation for an assault at Clutch Bar and Restaurant in Dallas on Sunday night. A 30 – year old man was hospitalized with non-threatening injuries but, couldn’t remember who assaulted him. Elliott and a bouncer were allegedly involved. No arrests or complaints were made and, the NFL has not handed down any punishments or suspensions but, they are investigating the situation themselves. What does this mean? Nothing as of yet. However, Cowboys fans need to be worried.

According to NFL personal conduct policy, the first offense by an NFL player could cost them up to 6 games regardless of a conviction but, people are reporting that it could be a 1 or 2 game suspension. This is only the latest controversy surrounding Ezekiel Elliott though.

He’s been alleged to forcibly pull his ex-girlfriend out of a car by his ex-girlfriend. The Columbus City prosecutor cleared him of any wrongdoing last year but, the NFL is investigating that themselves, as well. Basically, he can be out for 1 game or who knows how long.

This man is one of the best running-backs in the NFL and he’s only entering his second year. Cowboys fans know how real he is. They know how important he is, as well. They need him to do anything this year. However, Dallas Cowboys fans should be used to their players getting in legal trouble. Remember Joseph Randle?

And the Cowboys had a chance to go to the Super Bowl this year…

Paul Robinson