First Ladies Tour in the works?

Despite a very legendary feud, Faith Evans and Lil Kim appear to be on good terms. This is always good news especially knowing the love the paired shared for the late Notorious BIG.

Earlier this week, at 25th anniversary of Christopher ”Notorious BIG” Wallace’s debut album, Ready To Die, the two came together among 170 artists and muralists to honour Biggie.

Maybe the feud is really over. Maybe Evans was so overwhelmed with love because she took this opportunity to announce to everyone, possibly even to Kim that a First Ladies Tour is on her mind.

“We’re gonna do a tour together y’all… A first ladies tour…I’m putting it out there in the universe.”

We’ve come a long way from disses, shade and Evans claiming to have beaten up a very unclothed Lil Kim after she walked in on Kim with late legend BIG

Kim also had something impactful to say. “The one thing we can count on is Biggie bringing us all together. Biggie is the love. He is the love. When you think about love, you think of our love which is Biggie, Christopher Wallace.”

Since this isn’t an official announcement, we’ll keep you updated.

What do you think? What does that name mean? Can this happen? Should this Happen? Let us know!


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