It’s been a long road for DC-Orlando rapper Fat Fool. He’s came from robbing, stealing and even shooting people in the face. To now becoming a rising star in the Orlando area. He’s the star of the show 4 The Culture and he’s interviewing Orlando’s hottest. He’s a entertainer overall and his profile stocks are rising. With now reaching a 15k following via IG. Fat Fool is now getting paid shows, features and more. He’s being consistent and sticking to the script when it comes to being loyal with his management team PreciseEarz. Fat Fool is a well known bully and he will go to war with anyone to be at the top!

Fat Fool got into a crazy accident out in Hollywood running from the cops on a Scoot E Bike. He forgot weed was legal out in California. He really lives by his name. This guy really busted his head open and had to get plastic surgery the next day. With stales and stitches in his head. Fat Fool decided to drop off a new record called “Bird”. He literally went flying in the air like a bird. The doctor had his eyebrow meat in his hand. The video is going good numbers on IG and Twitter. You can check footage out below.

Fat Fool walked away in really bad condition. But he’s getting better and stronger each day. Hate to say after the accident his music and IG is getting more attention than ever. People love death and crazy stories it’s sad. Fat Fat is working on putting out more music at an more rapid pace. With more attention coming his way. Fat Fool is prepared to buid his brand and empire off this wave. Make sure you check out his new record “Bird” below.