Florida is on fire right now. So much talent is still coming out of Florida from all cities around. First time in a while Florida has had an open window. It’s just not Miami, its artist from Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee. The internet has also opened up doors for the DMV market. That’s the DC, Maryland, Virginia audience. Fat Fool is one blessed artist because he’s from Southeast DC. He’s based out in Orlando, FL right now on his grind and building up his brand. Fat Fool would be in prison if it wasn’t for this rap game. Known for being a bully, if he likes it he’s taking it. His name is Fat Fool and in any second Fool could flip it. So far these past two years for Fat Fool has been great. He’s been developing himself with his team PreciseEarz. Now it’s finally to look like his time. His IG is causing he to gain paid shows and features. With so much blog support, the future is looking bright for Fat Fool.

Fat Fool is back with one crazy project called “Fool Me Once” hosted by Atlanta rising star DJ Yung Rel. Might be one of Fat Fool best projects so far. The song 10 project is full of different flavors. Fat Fool can appeal to a large audience. From the colleges to the streets easily. His stand out records on the project is “W”. He talks about bringing a female to the hotel and of course it the W. Another banger is “Licks”. Crazy record for the club actually. “Soufside Shawty” has a video out for it right now. So far these records are getting plenty of love online. Fat Fool is doing stunts and skits on his IG. So far his audience is loving it and it’s rapidly growing. Make sure you peep “Fool Me Once” out below.