Fat Fool is back and this time around. He’s working on building a face card record. It’s been a long road for Fat Fool. Coming up in Southeast DC is not easy. Fat Fool is making sure he’s staying focused. After being in the studio for months. Fat Fool has developed one gritty underground audience. Fat Fool is working on becoming a soundcloud legend. With videos and music sitting in the vault. Fat Fool is ready to show the world he can stay consistent. But also drop quality music. Fat Fool isn’t chasing a radio hit. But he’s looking to build a brand.

Orlando-DC Rapper Fat Fool Dressed In the latest Yayukata Japanese Street Wear

His new single “Uno Dos Tres” is getting plenty of love right now. Fat Fool is looking to build momentum for this record. Everyone keeps talking about the video for it. It actually leaked a month before release. Fat Fool fans are going crazy on IG. So far he’s becoming a pretty house hold name on IG. He’s pulling all types of stunts on his Instagram page. Get ready to start a mosh pit to this one. Check out Orlando – DC rapper Fat Fool out below.