Fat Fool did not have overnight success. He’s been getting it out of the mud. Not asking a soul for one hand out. He’s made sure he can invest into his brand. It’s been two years of rebuilding for Fat Fool aka Fat Foolie. Now for 2019 Fat Fool is focused on building his online audience and finding his true sound. So far he’s dropped two tapes. It’s a series actually. First tape was “Fool Me Once” and after that was “Fool Me Twice”. Fat Fool is showing progression and all the dots are starting to connect.


Fat Fool is originally from DC but now he’s out in Orlando. He’s starting to make the internet his address. With connecting with his Instagram and Soundcloud audience. Fat Fool has suburban kids in Minnesota listening to his music. He recently just closed a distribution deal with Kobalt Music Group. It’s a deal to distribute his single “Big Mad, Lil Mad”. Get ready to hear Fat Fool everywhere. Fat Fool is staying active with doing shows and hosting events. In Orlando he’s making a name for one of the most elite host. Along with hosting his music career is blooming thanks to his IG engagements.

Fat Fool latest leak “Startin” is produced by KappCeo. This record is only a part of Fat Fool sound. He goes crazy on this unorthodox record. Fat Fool is talking his shit on this one. He’s starting off big. Fat Fool drug induced sound will give you that early Juicy J vibe. The music is just pouring through his veins. This is PreciseEarz.com exclusive leak. Perfect timing for Fat Fool. It’s all about staying consistent and feeding his audience his music. Get ready to hear another Fat Fool mixtape soon. In the meantime check out his latest record below.