Fat Fool is from DC and the DMV area is not a playground. It’s no joke for a rapper to come up in the DMV. It’s a lot of murders going down in that area. Music is a get a way. It’s so many hoopers and rappers coming out the DMV. Go-Go music is the heart to DC artist. Shy Glizzy, Fat Trel, and Goldlink are making ways. Lately it’s been Q Da Fool getting much love out the DC area heavy. Patisdope is the biggest media outlet to hit the streets for the DMV area. Fat Fool is making sure he stands out. He moved from DC and is now based in Orlando. So far it’s a big help for Fool flying back and forth to DC from Orlando. Fat Fool SKT movement is growing in both states and in between. Fat Fool just released a leak last week called “Without A Pause”. Fat Fool audience has been patiently waiting. Now it’s time for them to step up and support Fat Fool. It’s been a long road for him and his SKT movement.

Now Fat Fool is back like he never left. This time he drops off his brand new single called “Wipeout’. It’s starting to pop up on all streaming platforms. Fat Fool is really happy to put this out to the world. Fat Fool goes dumb on this one. Rides the beat with an unorthodox flow you can’t find anywhere. He talks about fucking fat females and just partying til he passes out. Fat Fool is ready to do whatever it takes to get to the top. Nothing is stopping him from taking over. The beat for “Wipeout” is knocking heavy with those 808’s. Fat Fool is beating cases like Broner. Make sure you follow Fat Fool on IG. He’s on there doing some wild stuff. Check out this exclusive below.