Written By: D’Shonda Brown

The #ShopBlack Interview Series is a new installation that shines light upon budding and booming Black-owned businesses ran by millennials and Gen-Z’ers who are heavily influenced by hip-hop culture. Introducing Diosdado Sima, lead creator behind Father Stretch My Bands, a lifestyle streetwear brand inspired by society and modeled for motivational purposes only. Read below the in-depth interview between D’Shonda Brown and Diosdado as they dive into a conversation about immigration, hustle and drive in today’s millennial culture of entrepreneurship.


Hey, Diosdado! Thank you, first and foremost, for taking the time to share with me and our audience your story and answering my DM slide. How was Visionary Society born, and what does it mean to have your bands stretched? 

To be real it’s more like a figure of speech—a mantra to motivate . We’re all seeking our own idea of the American dream, we all want financial well being. It’s not so much about the money but more so about the freedom to live on your own terms. 


I was first introduced to your brand when I saw Scottie Beam in one of your shirts – a pink tee that read ‘Father Stretch My Bands’! I absolutely fell in love on site because it’s so millennial and trap, but simple and street chic. What inspires your aura in your brand and who are some of your style inspos?



Not to sound cliche, but society literally inspires the brand everyday. Visionary Society is a reflection of society—yesterday, today and tomorrow. The brand brings a 90’s grunge, NY feel while still staying true to minimalism and simplicity . 


How has your upbringing influenced your drive and hustle as an entrepreneur and as a Black man?

Being an immigrant and growing up in the US played a huge factor in my drive and hustle. You always have that mindset that you aren’t from here so you basically need to work harder and go harder as an individual. I can definitely say that my father played a pivotal role in my life and still is a huge motivating factor in my drive as a black man.



Your hoodies and baggy designer basketball shorts remind me a lot of how rappers and artists wear their cities on their backs, with logos and street jargon. Also, your bomb ass hockey jersey from your NYC pop-up back in 2018 gives me total 90s vibes, you know? How has hip-hop and Black entertainment influenced your designs and your personal style?

Hip hop isn’t just music it’s culture, it’s a lifestyle! It provides a platform for rappers to express their opinions on society and to be a voice for the black community. I’m a huge fan of the 90s rap scene from the style to the word play to the aura. It goes hand to hand with VS; a lot of our pieces are driven and influenced by hip-hop. 


I see that a lot of your stuff is original. Not really designed like anything else I’ve seen before. How long does it take you to create each individual piece and what is your creative process like (if you don’t mind sharing)?


I like to call my creative process controlled chaos. I tend to play by own rules, or make them up as I go along. There’s a lot of trial and error. As creatives, we’re often so scared to fail that we don’t realize that it’s the only way we truly learn. Each piece varies, I don’t like to give them time stamps. I have some pieces that I’ve been sitting on for a year. I felt like they weren’t ready or maybe even that my customers weren’t ready. Some I make in day, if the timing is right. Timing is key.

Also, I’ve noticed on your Instagram that you’re hosting more pop-up experiences and parties in your local community, especially in New York. What is next for you and Visionary Society? How do you hope to bring a more positive influence to your community with your brand?


We just hosted our first I LOVE NY cookout. It was a back to school drive where food and entertainment was provided. For people who have been supporting the brand and in turn they donated school supplies. We were able to collect a crazy amount of school supplies for the Iris House in Harlem & that felt really good. As of right now, the next thing on our agenda is the F/W19 collection. We’re also building out the lifestyle aspect of the brand. To uplift our community and to spread positivity by producing more events and working with other creatives to build more spaces of inclusivity and unity.

Diosdado Sima can be found on Instagram, @Supremexci. You can also learn more about him and shop the line now available for purchase online at www.visionarysociety.co .