Female DJ Artist, Bathsheba Adams “DJ Snow” has an interesting upbringing that has created her to be the unique person she is today.

Her childhood was not peaches and cream. She was taken away from her biological mother and siblings after a homicide attempt on the children. They were separated and taken into various homes where she went experienced many turmoils including sexual, physical, and mental abuse. After she was adopted, the violence and danger continued. It was through these experiences that she built confidence to create a new life for herself. She dug deeper into her passion in music and success followed. Though the DJ career is predominantly male, she overcame the obstacles and embraced it. She says:

“In this industry there, is a very masculine energy going around, and when I step on the scene with a full face of makeup, heels, and sexy clothes people take notice…I    can hang out with the best of the best when it comes to male Dj’s in any genre of music, I  just do it with a feminine twist.”

10 years later, she has grown and brings out many fans from all around the world. She has opened for Kelly Price, Silk, Jon B. Tank, and Carl Thomas just to name a few. Her life is a message to those who have been or going through similar experiences as hers. Bathsheba has set her grounds in the music industry by connecting fans to her tracks and mixing feels relatable to society.

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Written here: Brian Lamont