Sunday morning, Fetty Wap was robbed in his hometown of Paterson, NJ when things took a huge turn as the robbery turned into a shootout sending 3 people to the hospital. Wap was robbed for his jewelry and money. Cops responded to a call at Montclair Ave and Paxton Street where they arrived to find the injured victims, one person shot in the leg and another in the torso.

Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas, a long time rival of Fetty Wap’s has now been arrested in connection to the robbery.  Right now Thomas has been hit with gun charges which may upgrade to robbery charges as he definitely made things hot by posting a photo of him with Fetty Wap’s chain. He says he did not take the chain, that it was given to him. The two have been at it over some time now over a music deal that went sour. Thomas and his crew have even told Wap to stay out of Paterson.

I mean, he’s from Paterson. Why would he not go there?

Wap has since refused to talk to any police about his chain. He wont even file a police report.

Wap wants the streets to handle Fuzz.


It has now been reported that Fetty Wap’s crew fired the first shot in the NJ deli robbery. Eyewitnesses say the same person from Wap’s crew to fire off the shot was also the same person to be shot in the thigh as he accidentally shot himself. Sources also say that Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas pistol whipped someone in Wap’s camp and then robbed them. This lead to a second gun being pulled out and people being shot. Although Thomas has been arrested, prosecutors do not think he initially fired.

Fetty Wap’s camp has not responded as of yet.