Rhythm + Flow

Netflix has been steadily cancelling shows throughout the year, which has made more than a few subscribers unhappy.. to say the least. We’ve lost shows like The OA, Friends from College and Tuca and Bertie. Luckily, they may be on the up and up with a newly released teaser.

Netflix and co producer John Legend just unveiled a Teaser for their new competition show called Rhythm + Flow which features three main judges – Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. 

Make sure you check out the Teaser below.

One thing Netflix gets right is their Original Programming. With the new-found success of their original competition shows like Nailed It, it’s no wonder they would follow in its footsteps.

The series will follow a group of young, unsigned, untapped, talented artist. According to T.I., they are looking for “the next unreleased, underground hip-hop superstar.”

The New Netflix

In the spirit of Netlix firsts, also comes the first Netflix Original that can’t be binge watched. The show will air on October 9th, on a weekly schedule almost like any other X Factor -esque show.

Here is the difference:  Netflix will premiere each phase of the competition separately over the course of three weeks. That means the series will air in segments. We will see the first 4 episodes air, which focuses on auditions from talent from the East to West coast. The next 3 episodes hone in on the battle portion. Lastly, we get the final 3 episodes which all leads up to Finale.

Since competition shows are usually interactive, we have some questions: Will we be able to vote? Will there be live performance? Will the artists be chooses by the Artists?

I guess we will have to wait and see. Netflix, you on the road to redemption, please do not mess this up.


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