Christmas Day 2017 is finally here. By now you’ve probably finished unwrapping your gifts or are currently plotting your energy towards those who didn’t get you any; realized that despite your hunger you still gotta wait another hour or two to devour that Christmas turkey; and if you’re like me, you’ve turned the TV onto ABC to catch the first of 5 NBA Christmas Day games (but really just waiting for the Cavs and Warriors to tip-off).

If you aren’t as interested as I am in watching NBA Basketball today there’s also the option of celebrating the 25th with some of TV’s funniest Christmas-themed episodes. While most of these episodes are available via Amazon Prime or Hulu we understand that not everybody is in possession of such subscriptions, and so we took it upon ourselves to include links to watch each of them. So hook that HDMI to the TV and enjoy them with your family, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us here at The RapFest.

Martin, “I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus”

Not known for being a man of holiday cheer, Martin is initially against Tommy’s wishes for him to dress up as Santa for the kids of Tommy’s Big Brother Association (probably the only job Tommy ever had). But when Cole is a no-show Martin decides to fill in, and delivers an unforgettable rendition of the original story of Christmas.

Fresh Prince, “Deck The Halls”

The first few seasons of The Fresh Prince have always been my favorite not only because they aren’t re-run as much on TV, but also since there just seemed to be a more natural progression of Will’s adjustments to life in Bel-Air. This episode sees Will determined to have his cousin Ashley experience a true Christmas for the first time, as they go overboard with the Christmas deco despite drawing the ire of their neighbors.

Underrated scene: At 9:22 mark, when Will and Ashley go out for decorations and meet an eccentric shopkeeper who tells them that the traditional red and green Christmas aesthetic “has been done”.

Spending Christmas with family is cool and all until the moment there’s other moves to be made. When Shawn and Marlon plan to ditch Pop’s plans to visit family and none of the characters (aside from Pop) appear to be in true Christmas spirit, the Niedermeyer building’s resident Santa Claus decides to hold the gang hostage until they realize the true meaning of Christmas. Corny and cliché, yet definitely comical.

If you’ve ever given or received a damaged/defective gift for Christmas you can go ahead and direct your anger towards George in this episode, as he buys Elaine a cashmere sweater (which was marked down more than $500) with a red mark on it which you can unsee once you spot it. The episode also revolves around Elaine’s new work boyfriend, whom Jerry and the rest of the gang can’t figure out whether he’s “on the wagon” or “off the wagon”.

Underrated scene: Kramer pretending to advertise the scotch he’s drunk off of (at 7:53 mark)

Michael is up to his usual hilariously annoying self during this episode, as he accuses Meredith of being an alcoholic and staging an intervention for her after she ends up getting her hair caught on fire at Dunder Mifflin’s Christmas party. Meanwhile, Dwight seeks to and succeeds in making a fortune in the resale market after buying this year’s hottest kids’ toy–a princess/unicorn doll–in bulk. It’s the perfect Office episode for today: awkward, yet funny with a dash of Christmas cheer.