Brooklyn’s own, and Cinematic Music Group signee Flipp Dinero has been on an absolute winning streak as of late due to the success of his hit single “Leave Me Alone.” Today, Flipp keeps his hot streak going and feeds fans more great music, this time in the form of a new single titled “Livin’ It”. The song was produced by BlackMayo and finds Flipp kicking out his signature flow, over the slow tempo and soothing instrumental. If you were a fan of his latest EP GuaLa See GuaLa and his aforementioned hit single “Leave Me Alone,” then this one’s for you.

As mentioned before, Flipp has been on a mean winning streak in 2018. It all started when “Leave Me Alone” went viral thanks to Odell Beckham Jr.’s dance video to it. That led to coverage from ESPN, Yahoo!, TMZ and many others. Since then, Flipp has been added as an official opener to Tory Lanez’s “Memories Don’t Die Tour”, the song has been spun by Hot 97’s Funk Flex, Shade 45 and several other major stations across the country. The song itself now has more than 2 million streams on all platforms, with almost 5 million on Spotify. Flipp’s been added to several major playlists and charts including Spotify’s “Most Necessary”, Pandora’s Prediction Charts (top 10) and others.

It’s safe to say Flipp is having the best year of his career and the beauty of it all, he’s got so much more on the way. “Livin’ It” is a nice teaser for the fans, but stay tuned for a bunch of new content in the very near future.