New York City has always been home to some of the world’s biggest hip-hop influencers becoming known as the city that can either make or break a hip-hop act. While this idea may reign, true artists, like 21-year-old  Flipp Dinero, have decided to not be afraid! breaking the norms, by showcasing his undeniable freestyle skills, paired with an ability to craft melodic hooks in all of his music.

Since his official start in the industry  in 2011, Flipp has worked alongside the likes of top producer Los who recorded his hit single “I Do”, followed by fellow Brooklyn artist Joey Badass, and later Jonny Shipes who assisted in the promotion of his mixtape “The Smoker’s Club’s Smoke 2”

Though for Flipp this was just the start. Since then he has released multiple full projects, with his latest being The GuaLa Way which has done exceptionally well on sound cloud.

however to keep momentum going  the fiery rapper decided to use his unique sound alongside a catchy soundscape to deliver h “A Man” a simple yet effective combination of  melodies and hooks,  all geared to tell an inspirational lyrical story of Brooklyn pride and family ties, while also paying homage to the lyrical genius of artists such as Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, and Bankroll Fresh.

When asked Flipp describes the tone of the track as having a focus on  “change and growth”, saying quote.

“There’s one thing about music that people tend to forget…it’s the gift of change. The
fact that different is appealing and undeniable. That’s why I’m thankful my love for music
has never been limited. I’ve always been intrigued by the difference of sound leading to
the same emotion…it’s lead me to an in-depth search of such an art, which has pushed
my versatility to grow.”

Be sure to check out the single and let us know what you think


Instagrm: Flippdinero