Crimson is an emerging emcee from Orlando, FL, by way of The Bronx. Currently residing in Tallahassee, FL, Crimson and his crew, Cap 6, have been making major waves throughout Florida.

Friday Crimson dropped his latest project, titled We Know Not. Produced by DA of Polyenso and ETHNIKIDS, We Know Not takes you on a ride of what it feels like when you’re not on an emotional high.

A lot of music that has been released this year has stayed in the “turn up” lane, so we really don’t get to hear the other side of when the party is actually over.

When asked about the project, Crimson said:

The album is pretty much a collection of different stories that have a fallen-angel theme. Most of them are personal, while some are allegorical, but they all string together to convey a story of finding ones way back to grace, and the struggles within that like infidelity, vanity, lust, and self hatred.

One track that really embodies that main theme is track #9, “Loathe.” Crimson screams what seems like a plea for help, “I hate myself, I hate myself, on God, I can’t deny it.”

Overall, the album is extremely honest, a flip of the switch from a lot of the projects that were released that day.

If you rock with reality rap, dope concepts, all wrapped in wonderful production, definitely check this out. Crimson is next up. Peep We Know Not below.




hi.. new album is out. #weknownot produced by @d.a_vega and @ethnikids Link in bio, enjoy.

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