On June 23, 2015, Amazon released the Amazon Echo, a speaker device capable of playing all of your music, answer questions from its virtual assistant (Alexa), and perform other tasks via applications. To many people this was an amazing new innovation, hence other companies jumping at the chance to top Amazon at their own game. Companies like Microsoft and Lenovo particularly, have created their own version of this technology, aiming to master the Echo’s weakness of sound quality as speakers with Harman Kardon, and a few other things.

Lenova Smart Assistant

Admired by musicians, audiophiles, entertainment venues and many more; Harman Kardon is well-known for its premium sound quality, known to be built in car systems, they are now increasingly branching out to mobile, home and work platforms. This 2017, Lenovo teamed up with Amazon to introduce their rendition, the Lenovo Smart Assistant using their smart assistant Alexa. The device can hear your voice commands for up to 16 feet away; the Lenovo Smart Assistant can control the temperature, turn the lights on or off, providing a boost in sound with the addition of the immersive Harman Kardon speaker, and so many other different things.  While, Microsoft’s smart assistant Cortana will be put into a speaker, integrated with Harman Kardon sound as well for their new device (yet to be named); premium audio meets personal assistant


Harman Kardon + Cortana

I think having a speaker with a smart assistant and the capability of playing songs like the Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” with greater sound quality than the Amazon Echo is something that will be bought out this year. The ever-changing world of technology is like a moving train that never stops, always a new upgrade that you have to catch up to.  Both brands have yet to release their respective prices for the products, leaving buyers more time to decide which one to choose from.  Right now, the only difference between the two is the cool looking interface on top of Microsofts’ model.  

And although there are other speakers out there that can still top the Harman Kardon’s quality as a speaker, they still lack the assistants of Cortana or an Alexa (Lenovo) making the products today’s hot tech talk.


Darius Vil