With mirrorless cameras getting a lot of attention and limelight by making headlines these days and have been a rage among photographers for a while now. Nikon’s entry into the arena has been long awaited, Nikon and Canon refrained from entering this space for a long time.

Canon has brought to the table its first serious mirrorless camera the ‘EOS M5’, according to reports, Nikon has plans to launch it own serious mirrorless camera line as well. The report comes from Yahoo Japan, in which representatives from Nikon, say that they will be launching multiple mirrorless system cameras in future.

The report does not indicate as to when these mirrorless cameras may be coming or what sensor format they will incorporate. There are speculations that Nikon may compete with Sony and come to the market with its own full-frame mirrorless lineup.

The only thing is clear is the well-publicized financial turmoil Nikon faces, the company has come to terms with it and may enter the market it never thought would exist. It will be interesting to see if Nikon will follow Canon’s footsteps entering the mirrorless arena.

From Nikon’s comment that the mirrorless cameras are in the early developmental stages we can assume the company won’t be launching any mirrorless camera’s soon. None the less the other players and the photography industry will be anxiously looking forward to Nikon’s entry into the mirrorless camera sector. We are following the space and keeping you posted on the latest updates as and when we get them.


Via Gizbot