Fashion and music have always been in sync with each other. The Beats by Dre headphones are a great example because they produce great sound and look good while you are wearing them. But that was back then, something new & innovative is in store for 2017.

Running you about $150 a pair, a company by the name Zungle will release their newest product called the Zungle Panther this April. These are stylish sunglasses that have built-in bone conduction speakers. A special type of speaker that transmits sound waves to the skull using vibrations into your ear. Whether you are listening to music or taking calls with the built-in mic., others cannot hear what you are hearing, while freeing your ears from the usual ear cups. So whether just taking a walk around town or getting ready to catch the train into work, you can listen to your favorite song and look super stylish while doing so.

The Zungle Panther shades are available now for pre-order with color customization options for both the frame and lenses.

See the video below for more details.

Dope, right.


Contributed by

Darius Vil