George Todd, a former Marine, is now using Hip Hop to help veterans deal with issues such as depression and anxiety.

According to CNN, Todd began serving as a Combat Medic in 2009.

“Over there, we were just worried about water, survival, ammunition, food and God…”
– Todd via CNN

He was serving in Afghanistan when he became ill with pneumonia. Specifically, “Doc”, as he came to be called during his deployment, had developed bilateral atypical pneumonia. This illness affected both of his lungs. He was eventually transferred to Germany. In Germany, he healed. Then, he was transferred back to the United States- to Atlanta. Once back in the States, he is said to have suffered from depression and anxiety himself. Further, he said he was never diagnosed by Doctors with PTSD, but felt he had “some level of it”. With that, Todd sought out and received help from Doctors in Atlanta. Then, he began classes at Georgia State University. He began to work in wealth management at first, but at the loss of a client, he decided to get on the microphone. He apparently had grown up free-styling in Memphis. Now, he has released Combat Medicine with the sole purpose of helping other veterans.

Check him out:

Bars or nah? According to NPR, Todd says this song is all about empowerment.

Hip Hop heals.