More bad news for Fox News.

On top of a growing list of sexual harassment allegations made against some of the broadcast networks leading anchors, Fox News is now being ridiculed for racial discrimination as a class action lawsuit has emerged on behalf of 11 employees and former employees who have taken a stand.

On Tuesday, a complain was filed at the Bronx Supreme Court along with a news conference on Wednesday, led by Emmy award winning anchor Kelly Wright.

With only one black anchor on the entire staff, it is not too hard to believe that there may be an underlying aura of racial bias’ lingering within the networks branding.

Wright disclosed on his decision to come to this plight was not an easy one, but after some praying, and even shedding some tears, he shared on Wednesday that, “I can no longer sit in silence, collect my paycheck, and act like I didn’t experience racial bias on my own level — an on-air personality.’”

The most prominent of the 11 plaintiffs, Wright said, “Somewhere along the line, (Fox) lost their way and they’ve failed to include equality for all.”  He continued, “The (network) failed to be fair and balanced for all of our employees regardless of race, gender, faith, creed or color.”

While Fox News denies these claims, it can be said that based on their general tone in rhetoric, as an outsider, it’s not hard to see these charges that have been brought up to be somewhat truthful.