Freebandz creatives linked up with Reebok Classics to deliver new men’s shoe.

Future published the new collaboration to his Instagram only a few hours ago. The initial post read, simply, “SOLD OUT” before mentioning the shoe company and signing off with his now signature eagle emoji. Soon after, he shared another photo, showcasing the details of the new shoe’s design. He also took the time in the second photo to credit those on his team that assisted in creative direction on the collaboration.

However, this is not the first time the two have worked together. The previous release from Freebandz and Reebok is said to be a “sleek” and “sophisticated feel” yet still durable. The zebra print on the outsole adds to the personality of the shoe too. Additionally, according to the reviews on the Reebok site, 100% of consumers would recommend the shoe- the comfort of this shoe was the most resounding opinion.


This isn’t the first time Hip Hop has mingled with sneakers though. Jay Z also collaborated with Reebok. Furthermore, from Lil Wayne and SUPRA to Master P and Converse to Run DMC and Adidas– we have seen the Hip Hop mash up for decades. However, what we are now witnessing is a fresh take on shoe design from the Freebandz perspective.

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