According to All Hip Hop, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Will Smith’s best friend on the lasting television show stated that he would love a reunion of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast.

“There have been talks with people about doing something… I think it would be cool if they did it and go down memory lane again…”

-DJ Jazzy Jeff via All Hip Hop

How would you all feel about a reunion of the show? Regardless, Will Smith said that he would not return. That said, can’t we understand his decision. After all, with the loss of “Uncle Phil”- it just wouldn’t be the same, would it? Maybe there could be a spin off though right? Like with Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World or The Cosby Show and A Different World. Furthermore, though, DJ Jazzy Jeff shared that the reunion could be possible if “Will’s schedule” permitted it. The two are currently on a European tour. The revival of the show came up during rehearsals.