Hartford born, London England native Front Page considers himself “quite the modern nomad” traveling the world frequently since birth. when asked he mentions

“My DNA as an Artist originates from my actual DNA and culture, the first music I ever heard was Reggae because my parents use to play it.”

This holds true in most of his music, where he effortlessly fuses both Rap and Reggae to create a delivery and flow that’s all his own.

Recently coining this style “Rudeboyism.” Which is what he considers a  sub-genre, or a combination of “Golden Era Lyricism”, “Rudeboy Flow” Thought Provoking Depth, and Refreshing Charisma.


Seeing as though his flow is so unique he’s able to use his music as a conduit to express his view on various issues. Saying quote

“That’s why my name is Front Page you see the newspaper it gives you a new issue daily, thats what you’ll get listening to me .”


Page uses this angle to address his feelings honestly and bluntly without a care for who’s offended.

This raw energy is what made him an artist that many have been keeping an eye out for most recent Huffington Post


Though to compliment his passionate ora FrontPage has an unparalleled stage, and show presence that sets him apart from any others. He mentions Busta Rhymes in comparison saying

“Busta Rhymes is my favorite rapper so whenever I hit that stage I’m just trying to be like him” Not only “just an artist”

However he doesn’t stop there Front Page is also an Actor (recently seen in the independent film “Triple R)”, A Youth Motivational Speaker and Product of Academia, he is also currently working on a new set to releases early this year.

Though in the mean time one could witness his knack for lyricism on the “20 Year Jux Freestyle web series” which was given praise by Hip Hop legend Treach of Naughty By Nature.

Either way, be sure to get familiar with the passionate, creative and insightful lyrical flow of Frontpage, especially as he displays his solid path, identity, and worldview.

Putting his flag down in the world of music.

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