Born and raised in Camden, NJ as Christopher Funches, Funch the Camden Kid began his rap career in the streets by freestyling and gaining experience. Rapping then formed into an outlet for expression and soon enough, a steady flow produced and he saw himself taking the profession seriously. Freestyling in the streets was accompanied by selling drugs, though, and soon after Funch found himself incarcerated. Being behind bars did not stray him away from his love of rap, so he found a way to

“keep in tune with the music scene.” Funch said,

“Everyone from my area was working and I loved it but it was tough not being home to be a part of that wave, especially since I play a major part in it.”

He continued, “They all had their turn and now it’s simply my turn.”

Once Funch was released from prison and made sure his family was situated the way they needed to be, he made his way into the studio and allowed his rhythm to flow for everyone to hear once again. It took him about 8 months to produce his most recent body of work being that he was getting back into his own rhythm of things. On this project, Funch has production from Grammy Award winning producer JD Walker. He also has work produced with some of the top producers from his residential area such as Don Michael Jr, Gliss, D-Lit Beats, Notiq, Wayne On The Stix, Sen City and Go Grizz. Included in his project as features are Tdot iLLdude, G. Nutt, Money Carsin, Porta Rich, Jaison Toro, A1, Don Michael Jr. and his POS brother Haven.
The rap industry is not at all new to this rising artist since he has bodies of art already released. Back in 2006, Funch released his mixtape named “Goldie’s Back” and sold over 5,000 hard copies; in 2007, Both Sides of the Bridge was released with Oschino and Funch sold 10,000 hard copies; in 2017, his “I’m Sorry” mixtape sold over 10,000 hard copies. Funch the Camden Kid has performed at every nightclub in South Jersey and Philadelphia and is nowhere near done with achieving his dreams. “My ultimate goal is to make great music to touch everyone who is in or has been in my position. I want to help them get through and get rich in the process,” he said.
According to Funch, him and his team are pushing the project released May 28th, and they look forward to producing more work that is set to drop in the August 2018.

Lucky for us we were able to briefly interview the rising artist check it out below

Q. In the intro of your music video for your song “Sorry” you talk about how things can go from good, to, bad, or worse living in Camden. Can you further elaborate on your experiences growing up there?

It’s way to much to go into every story we would be here all year talking about every experience. But for a example October 2013 on a ordinary day I was on the corner getting to it”selling drugs” talking to a costumer when a car pulled up with just a driver no passenger,let off 10 shots I escaped with no injuries but the lady that was buying drugs was shot in the arm she is okay but till this very day I can’t pinpoint who or why they was trying to kill me… that’s along list to go down. I see it as god has a plan for me that’s why I survived 7 shoot outs..


Q.I really appreciate it how you had a story line to your music video, how important is it to you to incorporate that aspect of your in your visuals?

It’s very important to have visuals that tell my story so people can live the things that I’ve been through with me so they can further connect with me by reliving that moment with me and they been through similar ordeals they can really relate or better understand Funch the Camden kid.. every hood in America is the same..

Q. What was occurring in your life at the time that caused you to create this song? Would you consider yourself a story teller MC?

At the time I wrote sorry I was in prison serving my 3 year prison sentence in bayside state prison in leesburg Nj. I was reflecting on my life all the things I been involved with selling drugs gang banging shootings etc. a lot of my comrades didn’t make it to live this long so it hit me if I died that day the people I leave behind would only have memories of my life one of the things I am known for is music so I wanted to leave something musically they can actually listen to. I don’t consider myself a story teller because a story is one particular moment or event that your talking about in one verse I may talk about 100 different aspects of my life. So if I was a story teller they might diagnose me with adhd lol

What else can viewers expect from you within the next few weeks or months ?

They can expect nothing but greatness from me and my team. Me wearing my heart on my sleeve giving them 100 % me. If they love me for me I will never let them down. While I was put on ice cooling down prison every artist from my area had there time to shine I never hated