Future lets everyone know the world is giving R. Kelly too much attention.
As you guys know Future will be dropping his anticipated album entitled, The WIZRD real soon. He of course stopped by #1 Hip-Hop radio station, Power 106 to join The Cruz Show on what should we be expecting from him this 2019, his writing skills and the upcoming documentary to Lady Gaga. Not to mention about the significance of radio play.
During the interview J Cruz asks Future:
“If R. Kelly wants a track, are you recording with R.Kelly?
It’s unclear if Cruz was aware of the rapper’s 2012 “Parachute” track featuring the accused sexual predator.
Future responded.
“Man, who is that? I thought we had forgot about that?
We giving it too much attention,”
Future also stated:
“When you give things too much attention, they blow up. That’s why he gon’ blow up. That’s why his music gonna do what it do. If you stop talking about it, it’ll go away.”

You can watch Future‘s full interview down below!

The Wizrd is set to drop Jan. 18.