Bay native, G-Eazy enlist the services of Charlie Puth for a feature on his new single “Sober”.

Imagine one of those drunkin’ nights when out at the club and there is a decent prospect on the dance floor; the prospect approaches you leading to a full on conversation between you two about how the night could end.  You take that last shot of 80 proof and then indulge in something that you will regret the following day.

During the second verse, G- Eazy talks about slipping up and smashing his ex again. He ended up spending the night and describes how she will become attached to him, afterward. The barriers that have been built up come crashing in and the two of them pass out at 6 am. She wakes up four hours later to find an image of another woman on his nightstand, rubbers in the trash can, and a girl’s hoop earrings.  His ex-begins to cuss him out and storms off.


Throughout the chorus of the song, Charlie Puth is explaining how he will regret this whole thing after sobering up in the morning.

Checkout the new single “Sober” by G-Eazy featuring Charlie Puth below, and let us know your feedback.



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