Back in November of 2016,  Joycean Taylor aka The Game suffered $7.1 million in losses from a sexual assault case and now wants to take Viacom media to court for 13M. Back in 2015, a contestant named Priscilla Rainey filed a $10 million suit against Dreams star, claiming she was assaulted while on set in Los Angeles for a scene in the TV show, “She’s Got Game”. In irony, the creative concept for the show was based around women lusting for The Game’s affection. Though  The Game denied the allegations, the court sided with the contestant since he failed to make his court dates on numerous occasions due to alleged health issues.

In conjunction with an appeal, The Game is filed legal papers against the Viacom, the parent company that aired the “She’s Got Game” show. The Rapper has alleged that the network knew the victim was mentally unstable with criminal records for aggravated battery and was singled out by the production doctor as a ‘trouble marker’. The Game goes on to say that the network knew about the victim’s troubled background but kept her on the cast to create ‘a little drama’.

The Game is looking to recoup the costs of the default judgment and a whooping $13 million in damages from Viacom chiefs for putting him in this overall situation. Stay tune as the story unfolds.