Brooklyn bred artist, GASHI has released a handful of singles but there is still no word on his anticipated Stairs 2 project. While we wait for a release date, he shares the two new tracks “YouTube Comments” and “Empty Inside,”  along with a two-part video

The deeply personal, “YouTube Comments” reflects on actual comments from GASHI’s YouTube page, which shines a light on cyberbullying and how that can affect one’s emotions. Through these songs, which address the issues head-on, GASHI shows that anyone can experience cyberbullying, but that you can persevere and overcome. If you wrote one of the comments used in the lyrics of “YouTube Comments,” GASHI wants to hear from you. Visit to claim your songwriting credit.

“These two songs mean a lot to me because “YouTube Comments” gives me the opportunity to let the cyberbullies know that I no longer care what they think or have to say and when you listen it makes you think twice about caring about what other people think of you. “Empty Inside” is the first song where I’m not rapping, I’m singing the entire song, so I’m excited for my fans to hear this other side of me.” – GASHI

Check out the singles and accompanying video below.